I am an experienced professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

This site was created to share what I am working on, and it is to also a platform to share knowledge and educate those who are interested in the design process.

I have worked professionally in many exciting markets from education, entertainment, creative agency and eCommerce; and this has helped me to establish a strong understanding of branding while building experience in designing for different clientele with varying requirements.


The journey that lead me to become a designer was forged with determination.

I grew up in Oxford (UK) which is a city renowned for it’s academia. I studied at Matthew Arnold School where I was often distracted by doodling Simpsons drawings which then evolved into my own, this often got me in trouble with teachers but served as an opportunity do develop a skill I truly enjoyed using.

When I graduated at 16 I knew exactly what I wanted to do: design!

I was fortunate to progress to Oxford College as my secondary school did not provide any design related courses at A-level. My time here was a breath of fresh air and a solid introduction to graphics, illustration, typography, design theory and the history of art and design. I remember my first experience on an Apple Mac (Powerbook G4) and my first experiences using the Adobe suite, the software was complex but I was determined to grasp it. As I progressed through the course I created my first website in order to get ‘real world experience’, which was called Mistik Design.

I worked mainly for bands, most notably was Adrenaline (Being This Side of Insane) which was my first design for a published album, along with a cover for Red Tempa and Joey Gower.

I continued onto DeMontfort University, completing a BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration. By then I was ready to test myself in the real world, my start was slow partly due the 2009 recession and my minimal experience but I did not let that stop me.

I eventually found my first role working for L&M Marketing group where I was involved in a campaign for ‘Talent Oxford’ which was a talent competition for kids. I had a few more roles after which included design for KeyAGENT, Apple Print & Creative and Minuteman Press.

My career accelerated when I was employed by SAE Institute. This was a great opportunity that allowed me to be more creative for a larger organisation, offering quality design for all of their course communication, branding, promotional content, event stand design and campus branding. My work extended to working for the institutes student radio station ‘EGM Radio‘ and record label ‘EGM Records‘ which allowed me to develop the brand, create promotional content, design artwork for the label’s artists, provide motion graphics for their music videos and creative guidance on their videos.

After nearly 5 years with SAE I moved to Essentra Components where I worked to promote the companies products and eCommerce platform. This was an ideal role to grow as a professional, working on promotional collateral, digital campaigns, motion graphics, infographics, branding, UI while providing design training for staff. While doing this I decided to open my freelance website once again as I seek to share my skills and projects with other designers, keep my skills sharp and have a platform for more creative work.

My next opportunity was with LegalShield UK, in my most involved role yet. I had the unique opportunity to work with a brand with over 40 years experience in the US, and reimagine it entirely for the UK. I worked on brand development, static design work such as web banners, emails, presentations, large format displays, office wraps, brochures, leaflets, merchandise and much more. I also create various motion graphic work utilising illustration, animation and video editing skills. Due to the pandemic this company closed down but I was determined to keep my extensive experience gained at LegalShield and use it for a bigger and more exciting venture.

I now work for Bio-Techne as a Global Graphic Designer, working amongst a team of talented creatives, offering my extensive experience to be part of the companies growth…..more coming soon.

No one can define what is real work, but if you feel you have never worked a day in your life as you are lucky enough to make your hobby a career – then you have achieved something worthwhile.

Design happy.


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BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration

DeMontfort University

National Diploma Graphic Design

Foundation Diploma Art & Design

Oxford & Cherwell Valley College

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